Join us at the Wet & Wild Aitutaki Kite hut on Honeymoon Island for the best kite boarding experience you have ever had in one of the best locations you have ever seen. Warm tropical waters and a combination of offshore winds with smooth flat waters and onshore winds with small waves, shallow sandy flats and deep blue water ALL AT THE SAME TIME is what makes this magic spot so attractive to all levels of kite boarders from around the globe from beginners to pro kite boarders like Jesse Richman, Mark Jacobs, Ewan Jaspan and Alex Caizergues. Just search the best kite surfing Island in the world on youtube and we are pretty sure you will find us. Wet & Wild Kite Boarding Aitutaki is the only Cook Islands Tourism Accredited Kite school on the Island. We are the only kite school to have always been 100% locally owned with 100% safety record. We operate the Major Kite centre on

Honeymoon Island supplying all kiteboarders with water taxi and boat rides out to the kite centre, Kite gear rentals and Kite surfing lessons for beginners following the IKO teaching methods. During the kite season hidden in the palms of the coconut trees the Wet & Wild Kite centre provides storage for those kiters that want to leave gear on the Island, safety boat, shelter from the wind, rain and sun, BBQ fish, Chicken and Beef, cold
drinks, beers, music, fun times, good people and the greatest Kite Boarding adventure.

Aitutaki is one of the best places on earth to learn how to kitesurf with its perfect and safe learning conditions. Warm, clear, waist-deep water makes learning to kite so much easier and your progression a whole lot faster. Kiteboarding can be dangerous but together with our experienced kite instructors, you will be well on the way to safely becoming an independent kiteboarder.


Private one on one lessons – 3 hours @ $250 , 6 hours @ $500 , 8 hours @ $690NZD

Private two person lessons – 3 hours @ $400 , 6 hours @ $800 , 8 hours @ $1,100NZD

(Includes boat ride to kite hut, safety boat, all kite gear and personal kite instructor)

Private one on one personal kite instruction with your own kite gear @ $70/ hour

Return boat ride to Honeymoon Island kite grounds @ $40pp ( kite season June – Oct, Kiteboarders and their family only) OR @ $80pp (out of season)

Full kite kit @ 150 / day (kite, bar &lines, board, harness and pump)
Kite only @ $100 / day
Board only @ $30 /day
Harness @ $20 / day
(For all kite gear rentals day ends at 4pm)
NOTE: When heading out to the Island for the day here are a few things to remember to take with you – Hat, towel, sunscreen, sunglasses, reef or sandshoes, camera, water/drink bottle snacks or food.
If you want to give kitesurfing a go then Aitutaki is no doubt the best place to start. If you are a complete beginner and want to learn how then we can teach you. Everyone is different and some pick it up faster than others. You would need 6 -10 hours of instruction and 6 – 10 hours of practice to be safely in control and independent. No matter what level you are we can start from there to help you progress to where you need to be.

-Safety gear and harness
– Understand weather & wind direction.
– The wind window.
-The power zone
– Kite, bar and line setup.
– Use of bar and safety leash.
– first and second safety stages
– Carrying and securing kite.
– Landing and Launching safely.
-Kite control.
– Flying kite in the neutral position.
– Flying kite in the wind window.
-Water relaunch
-Flying with one hand
– position kite in hours of clock
-Walking kite up wind both ways
-Body drag across wind both ways
-Body drag up wind left and right
-Body drag across wind and up wind with board
-Body drag down wind left and right
-walking kite up wind neutral position
– Get into board/foot straps
– Understand foot, leg and board position.
– understand edging
-flying kite through power zone practice to stand.
-Practice power stroke and water start on board in both directions.
-Practice riding downwind short distance
-Walking up wind with kite and board
-Keep practicing longer and longer distances both ways.
-Finally achieve up wind riding
(levels and lessons are more detailed in practice)

*Cruise boats and local boats entering and leaving the Islands have the right of way.
*Kiters must stay at least a minimum of 50m away from all boats.
*All kite boarders must not enter the snorkelling areas in the blue zone while boats are there.
*There are only 2 designated kiting areas in the lagoon by the Aitutaki Island council which is at
Ootu beach and Honeymoon Island where we have the kite centre.
*All visiting kite boarders and foreign/overseas kite tour operators must obey the rules and laws of the Aitutaki Island council and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Immigration.
*All foreign and overseas kite tour operators must not accept or receive any money, currency, objects or material before, during or after entering, staying and leaving the Cook Islands for any kiteboarding lessons of any level or kite gear rentals of any sort, unless for pre bookings to a Cook Island owned & registered kite school for lessons and/or rentals.
* Visiting kite boarders are prohibited from giving, gifting, paying or trading any money, currency, objects or material to any Foreign & overseas kite tour operators and co. before, during or after entering and leaving the Cook Islands for any kite related operations including kite boarding lessons of any level and rentals of any sort of kite gear.
*Any foreign or overseas kite tour operators seen renting gear, teaching lessons and/or coaching will be reported to the Island council and delt with under the foreign affairs and immigration laws.
(There are scooters on the island for hire, you cannot bring your own scooter and hire it here the same as you cannot bring your own kite gear and hire it here. There is a place on the island that instructs people on how to learn to scuba dive, you cannot teach people how to scuba dive here the same as you cannot teach people how to kite here.)

Thank you for helping support local businesses.
Wet & Wild Aitutaki, Cook Islands, ph (00 682) 31651 or 56558 – or

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