You might want to take a private tour out to see the whales swimming, jumping and playing in the sun . Try a snorkelling tour in the crystal clea blue waters of the lagoon or along the outer reefs of our atoll for some of the best snorkelling in the world, from Turtles, Rays and lots of colourful fish, giant clams and corals in the lagoon to the massive reefs that protect us before descending into the deep blue. Truly world class.

Maybe let us take you on a tour across the ocean to Manuae, one of the best kept secret fishing places in the world casting for monster GT’s, fly fishing for Jerassic Bones, Jigging for massive Dog tooth tuna or trolling for Big Yellow fin, Mahimahi and Wahoo.

Aitutaki has some of the best snorkelling in the world. Not only do you get to enjoy the warm tropical waters of the Pacific Ocean, it’s also crystal clear.

On our snorkelling tours you get a chance to see all sorts of marine life from Turtles, Rays, Giant clams, Eels, Giant trevally, Starfish, thousands of colourful fish, coral gardens and a whole lot more. We even get lucky sometimes to see the Mantaray’s when passing by and the rare Napoleon Wrasse which are thriving here in Aitutaki waters.

Being one of the only tours to snorkel outside the reef and inside the lagoon you get to experiences more of Aitutaki’s marine life and habitats from the sandy bottoms of the lagoon littered with coral heads and full of life, to the waves breaking on the reef along the coral floor out to the drop off and into the deep blue. You won’t be disappointed when snorkelling with Wet & Wild Aitutaki. We make sure you have the best value for money as well as an experience you will not forget.

We take you to 3 different snorkelling spots on the tour. One spot is outside the main reef where we do a drift snorkel, totally different to inside the lagoon that people do not get to experience on other cruises.

Everyone gears up and jumps in the water drifting together along the coral reef down current while checking out all the tropical marine life with the boat following close by. Enjoy each snorkel spot to the last minute or jump in for a look and jump out when you feel like it.

One of the easiest and best ways to see a lot of Aitutaki’s marine life. The other two spots are in the lagoon near honeymoon Island where we have the Giant Clam Farm, Coral gardens and loads of fish. If you are wanting to visit Honeymoon Island (Also protected nesting ground of the Redtail tropic bird) instead of doing one of the snorkelling spots in the lagoon we can drop you off on the Honeymoon Island sandbank to explore until we return to pick you up after the snorkelling.

Enjoy a day on the water and cruise the lagoon to explore the uninhabited Motus (small Islands) of the Aitutaki atoll. The white sandy beaches, tropical Islands, breath taking views and the crystal clear blue waters of the lagoon is one of the main reasons the rest of the world come to visit Aitutaki besides it’s world class marine life and activities. Check out Akaiami Island the first international airport for the seaplane the TEAL during what they called the Coral Route in the 1950’s, one of the most beautiful beaches in
the lagoon. See Motu Rakau one of only 2 black rock volcanic Motus in the lagoon. It was also made famous through reality tv shows like Treasure Island, Ship Wrecked and the American series Survivor.

These days it is also the nesting grounds for the Piraki bird (White Tern).
Visit the famous One Foot Island the most popular of all the Motus and one of the most beautiful Islands in the world. It doesn’t matter where you stand on One Foot Island no matter where you look 360° in any direction the view is insane. It is pretty much impossible to take a bad photo when here, even if you close your eyes, point and shoot you will most likely end up with an awesome photo.

While at One Foot Island you can soak up the sun on the beach, enjoy a cold beer, walk out through the shallow waters to the sand bank of Heaven or cool off in the blue lagoon. You can also snorkel around One Foot Island otherwise swim across to explore the largest of all the Motus Tekopua or the smallest of them all Exile Island. Either way
we are sure you will love and enjoy every second of every minute of every day with Wet & Wild Aitutaki.

Name: WET & WILD, Length: 6.5m, Type: Centre console, Power: 175hp outboard, Passengers: 8 max
Name: RANGINUI 1, Length: 7m, Type: Centre console, Power: 140hp outboard, Passengers: 6 max
Name: ALLANA , Length: 11.5m, Type: Passenger Cruiser, Power: 2 x 200hp outboards, Passengers: 25 max

• Boat used – Depends on numbers
• 9AM – 12
• @ $70pp
• What to bring – Hat , towel, sunscreen, camera and water bottle.
• Includes all snorkelling gear and cold water.
• Meet at wharf or $10pp return transfer from accommodation

• Boat used – Depends on numbers
• 1PM – 4PM
• @ $70pp
• Bring with you – Hat, towel, sunscreen, reef or sandshoes, camera and water bottle
• Includes all snorkelling gear and cold water.
• Meet at wharf or $10pp return transfer from accommodation

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